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The last couple of months have been really busy. At Sai Krushna Vidya Mandir, spiritual and character development are emphasized upon. Daily assemblies are utilised as platforms for students to learn and showcase their knowledge.


The students of class 10 faced their preparatory exams in lieu of the board examinations in April.

February was also the month of new admissions. This year saw an increase in the number of applications. More than 100 students appeared for admissions for classes Ukg to Class 9. An entrance test and interview was conducted for the applicants for classes 1-9 while those applying to UKG were asked simple questions to gauge their socio-emotional skills, pre-learning and ability to follow instructions. 


SKCT’s skill development project, 3H Catalyst conducted the Annual year-end assessment at Jyothy Institute of Commerce and Management( JICM) . This was part of SKCTs  annual training ( free of cost) for less privileged / low income colleges. All the students who had enrolled for the programme took the objective and written tests. They answered questions across the various modules that had been conducted throughout the year. The staff and management of JICM along with the trainers at 3H Catalyst ensured that the assessment was conducted in a fair manner. The scores from this will be included in the overall grades of the students. 


On 28th Feb, our students from classes 8 and 9 got an invitation from the prestigious Raman Research Institute to be part of the National Science day celebration. The programme, which was inaugurated by Dr. K Kasturirangan, (Former Chairman, ISRO) included a visit to Raman Museum, Live Experiments, Exhibition Stalls, Science Documentary Film, Archival Gallery, followed by lunch.  


“As a special case with a noble initiative of running a free school, we are providing transport for your school to participate in this event”, wrote the organizers of the event. This was a highly enriching experience for the students.


A special Ganapathy Havana followed by Bhagawathi Sevai was conducted in the month of March seeking the blessings of our deities for our 10th Std students to fare well in their upcoming public exam. All the students and several volunteers participated in the activities and received the lunch prasadam. 


The last week of March saw all the students writing their final examinations. This year was the first time that the students of class 5 and 8 also wrote the board exam. Everybody was keen for the exams to get over well and the holidays to start. During the vacation, some of our upcoming 10th graders got a chance to be a part of a special research project and come out with a publication in a reputed journal. Organised by Prayoga Institute for Educational Research, this was a great learning opportunity for our students and a proud moment for the school.


On of the biggest events of the school, Summer Camp 2023 was organised in the first week of April and what a success it was! Click here to read about it.

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