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Venugaanam October 2021

Dear Venugaanam Reader

Loving SaiRam to you!

It is said that only change is permanent in a transitory world. When change is all-pervading, it is only natural that Venugaanam also sings a tune of change.

We are delighted to bring to you the 104th  edition of Venugaanam . As we transition to a new format, we hope to make Venugaanam a better communication tool helping you to access all of our updates and articles with ease. We hope to curate the earlier editions of Venugaanam on our website soon so that you can always go back and read them at your leisure. In the coming months, you will continue to see some other changes including some new content as well. We sincerely hope that the new format makes it easier for you to read our content.

We take this opportunity to also wish each of you and your families a Very Happy Navarathri. May Shakti empower us all and destroy all obstacles to keep you and your family healthy and prosperous.

We pray for all of humanity in these very challenging times. 

This month’s issue of Atma Jyothi begins a new chapter. The issues of the previous months discussed the various types of devotion and some of the devotees following different types of devotion. The current issue discusses some of the popular devotees exemplifying these types of devotion including divine personalities such as sanatkumar and Vyasa. Read more >>  

On SKCT Updates, September marked the beginning of the season of celebrations. Birthdays, festivals, the start of physical school and a had the atmosphere buzzing with excitement.  Read more >>

Being a parent is the hardest role, where you have to balance love and discipline to make sure that you don’t get lost in attachment. In our Storytime segment, we bring to you a short story on Yashoda’s dilemma. Read more >>

Every cause needs working hands. People who volunteer their time and talent are more precious than gold. In our Volunteer Speak segment, brother Ritesh shares his experience of volunteering during the Covid Helpline Seva. Read more >>

We are happy to have your feedback on how to make ‘Venugaanam’ a better communication tool. Mail us at Do feel free to share with us your experiences in following Swami’s teachings or on any other theme of your choice.

We pray to Swami to bless all the children and inmates so that they may all come up to His expectations.

May Swami turn our lives into a celebration of His message of love, sharing and caring.

With All our Prema,
Team Venugaanam

Sai Krushna Charitable Trust

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