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Wrapping up 2022

2022 came to a close with two big events. One was the celebration of our beloved Bhagawan’s birthday and the other was the Annual Cultural Programme of Sai Krushna Vidya Mandir.

On 23rd November, Swami’s birthday was celebrated with bhajans sunng by the students. The students of class 10 decorated the place with beautiful rangolis. After bhajans, the students were also given a delicious prasadam of Ragi Banana cake. SInce 23rd was a week day, the main celebrations were planned for November 27th. The volunteers and trustees wanted to encourage participation among the villagers rather than have them as bystanders to the event. Thus, a Saamoohika Sathyanarayan Pooja was organised in the grounds of Sai Krushna Vidya Mandir where more than 100 people including 35 couples, teachers and volunteers participated in the pooja. The villagers and participants were given  token before hand in order to organise the lunch prasadam and pooja kits in advance. 

The school children from Class 9 and class 10 helped out in cleaning Sai Krushna Vidya Mandir School ground for the pooja. The volunteers stepped in to help decorate the place. Seating arrangements were made for all the performers of the pooja and other guests. The residents of the village were also ivited to participate in the rangoli competition to decorate the streets. 

27th dawned with the volunteers and inmates of Sai Krushna Mandir chanting the Suprabhatam. This is a daily activity at SKM. Yet, on this auspicious day, the vibrations of this shloka charged the atmosphere. As guests and participants began to arrive, the students guided each of them to their designated places. Pooja kits prepared by the students were handed out to the participants as they got ready to perform the pooja. 

Brother Sai Sangeet patiently conducted the pooja step by step, explaining the meaning and significance of each process. For the benefit of the villagers, this was translated in Kannada by brother Ravi.

At the end of the pooja, all theh participants and villagers were given lunch prasadam along with a travel bag. The organisers and volunteers also partook of the the prasadam. The event saw a huge response with several people participating the the rangoli competition and the saamoohika pooja. The winners of the rangoli competition were recognised with a gift prize. Overall, Lord Sathyanarayana ensured that everybody, walked out with a full heart and a heavy stomach.

After 3 long years, the school decided to conduct their Annual Cultural Programme on December 16, 2022. This was to take place at Shankara Foundation Auditorium in Dodkallasandra. This year, the key programme was a drama titled Tyaagenaiva Amrutatvam. Directed by Brother Manoj ad Dinesh, The students underwent training on how to act and deliver their dialogues. In fact, the students also had professional recording sessions for the final day. 

Dances and songs were added to make the show a complete entertainment package. The students had begun practicing since early November. Costumes were procured , make-up arranged and the students and teachers worked hard to perfect their acts. As D-day approached, volunteers were assigned duties, the practice sessions became longer. Dress rehearsals were conducted in stage to ensure students were familiar with the venue. 

December 16th arrived. The students bustled with energy. They were excited to put up a good show for their parents. As they began to dress up for the event, the guests and parents began to show up. Snacks were provided to the students to ensure they were not hungry till the end of the programme. 

With all the dignitaries and parents seated, it was time for LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION. 

The anchors, extended a warm welcome to the parents and guests, guiding them through the evening, introducing every performance. The students played their parts beautifully, dressed in colourful costumes. Soulful songs, toe tapping dances and delightful speeches by the students had the audience wanting more. The final act was the thought- provoking drama. The performance of the children had the guests clapping hard in appreciation. interspersed with more songs and dances, it was a complete package in itself. 

This was also the best opportunity to recognise the efforts of several dedicated teachers, volunteers and individuals who had impacted several lives through their dedication. Overall, the evening was a grand success as parents, friends and patrons showered their appreciation on every performance. The programme came to a close with the Managal Arathi and prasadam distribution to all the students, guests and volunteers. 

2022 has been an eventful year. We are so grateful to Bhagawan for placing his hand on us at all times, for keeping us grateful during our successes and patient during trials. Thank you Swami for guiding us always. Thank you for our family of students, teachers, volunteers, donors and patrons who tirelessly work to further Your mission.

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