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The Class of 2022

The last quarter of the Academic year of 2021-2022 saw a whirlwind of activities. February was the month of preparation for SKVM’s first batch of Class X students who were appearing for the Karanataka State Board examinations. Two pre-board examinations were conducted to give the students enough practice for the finals. Mr. Sathya Prakash, (experienced member of Karnataka State Board exams and former board paper setter+ corrector) visited our school and enthused the students with some very useful tips on how to do well. He outlined the process of paper corrections and typical errors. He also shared valuable insights on how to study during this 1 month before the board exams, how to attempt  specific types of questions, what to do on getting the exam paper etc. All in all, it was a very important session for the students.

The month also saw over 100 applications for admission to SKVM for classes UKG to X. The entrance test for these applicants was conducted on February 26 and 50 new students were inducted.  This time 99% of the parents expressed their desire to admit the students in SKVM primarily for its quality of education and the discipline inculcated in the students. This was a big dose of encouragement for us, more like Swami telling us that He is always with us.   

In March, two smart boards were installed in Classes IX and X while one was placed at Sai Krushna Mandir Children’s home. This has proved to be a wonderful teaching tool, making learning fun and interactive. The students were really excited to use the smart panels.

On 25th March a special Ganapathi Vagvadhini homam was conducted at SKM with the students of class X performing the Pooja. They prayed to Swami for his grace and guidance. All 15 students of Class X answered the board exams across three different centres. The annual exams of the school brought an end to the academic year 2021-22. 

And what better way to mark the finish than the much awaited summer camp! Read the details of how amazing the SKVM summer camp was hereAll the handicrafts made by the students were exhibited on April 9th when all the school students arrived at school with their parents to collect their report cards. The students and parents were amazed with all that was taught during the summer camp. The pride of the participating students and their parents was palpable as they walked out of the room beaming. 

As soon as the Class X students finished their board exams they were given a warm farewell party. The teachers and management showed their love to the students by preparing special food items themselves in a potluck that was arranged on April 12, 2022. They had a good treat of golgappas, cakes, ice creams and a wide variety of food. Most of these students are first generation school goers and have grown with the school. It was a very emotional moment for the teachers and management who have seen these children start their journey of education in Kannada medium, unable to speak one word of English. From there to becoming the first batch that wrote the board exams was really special. As they stepped out of school, the management bid the students farewell with the message of continuing their education and staying rooted in the values that have been instilled in them while they were at school. 

And finally, May 19th dawned, the day of the results. The students, teachers and parents waited on tenterhooks for the results to be announced. Chandan and Akanksha topped the school scoring over 86%. Out of the 15 students who wrote the examination, 12 of them passed in all the subjects. 80%* pass result for the 1st batch of SKVM students in these challenging times is truly remarkable and we are deeply grateful to Swami for being with the students. The students are now being helped to identify schools for their higher studies. 



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