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The month of August was a whirlwind of events and activities. To start off, our trustees Vinod and Prakash visited our ex-students Chandan and Manoj at Sri Sathya Sai Pre University College, Alike as part of the parent teachers meeting. It was wonderful seeing the boys making the most of their time at this prestigious institution.  The boys too shared their happy experiences of learning, playing and picking up necessary life skills as part of hostel life. 

On 14th August, a wonderful set of Homas were performed at Sai Krushna Mandir, Hosadoddi, Bangalore.

Ganapathi, Saraswathi, Medha Suktam, Lakshmi Hayagreeva, Dhanvantari, Aavahanthi, Swayamvara Kala Parvathi, Sai Gayathri. These were performed by Shri Veda Srinivasan and team from Chennai. 

We prayed to Bhagawan to: 

1. Bless our school children with the right focus, attention and success in all their activities

2. Bless our Skill Development Center plans to fructify and benefit our children with kinesthetic skills

3. Bless us with the required ability and strength needed to expand our efforts as per His divine directions

The event concluded with a feast of delicious prasadam served to one and all.

The next day, Sai Krushna Vidya Mandir celebrated the 75th Indian Independence in a grand manner. After weeks of planning and  practice, the D-day had arrived. Dr. Sunderesan  and Dr. Kanaka  graced the occasion as Chief guests and inspected the March past group. After the flag hoisting ceremony, Lishita, a student of class 1 welcomed the guests on behalf  of SKVM warmly. 

The cultural events were a treat to the eyes. The yoga dance was performed by the students with graceful movements by the girls. The speeches in English, Kannada and Hindi were well delivered and thought provoking. Vande Matram, a Kannada song, was sung with the feelings of patriotism . The cultural program consisting of Lezim dance, Hindi medley and a fantastic drill to conclude was a treat to the eyes of parents, dignitaries, volunteers and the staff assembled at the SKVM Grounds. After the  vote of thanks by Mr Ravi Krishnan, aarthi to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba  was performed by the Chief guest. The panchayat president and a few other members were also present at the event.

18 August is a special day for SKCT. On this day, in 2008, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba personally directed and sowed the seed for Sai Krushna Charitable Trust in an interview at Prashanthi Nilayam. Bhagwan gave the seed funding for the Trust with His own divine hands. He gave precise instructions on how it should be constructed and run, and also named the children’s home SAI KRUSHNA MANDIR. He explained every intricate detail and promised that He Himself would visit soon in person.

Today, 14 YEARS thereafter, SKCT has active involvement of many Swami’s Students and Devotees. Even as we strive to live His message of love and seva, we pray for Bhagavan’s continued grace, guidance and blessings so that we become better instruments in His hands. 

Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with great love and fervour as all the primary students of SKVM dressed up us little Kanhas and Radhas. SKM was decorated with baby Krishna’s feet and prasadam was served to one and all. May Sai Krushna give us His darshan soon.

On 20th August, SHARE ( Seniors Helping the Achievement of Rurals in Education) was launched. SHARE is a novel initiative of SKVM school in partnership with KSSEM College of engineering and management. 

About 50 student beneficiaries of class 9 and class 10 of SKVM school have been divided into 6 groups. Each group typically has 8 students needing personal attention and assessment if feasible. The KSSEM College  students are divided into six groups (we have called them the Student-Faculty). Each Faculty group has 2 or may be 3 members. On Saturdays, these student-faculty from KSSEM come and enable conceptual learning and  doubt clearance for SKVM students. This ensures personal attention and one-on-one tutoring.

A pre-test is  electronically conducted every Tuesday/ Wednesday with the support of SKCT volunteers. The test results are shared with KSSEM student-faculty beforehand. This allows them to understand the challenges faced by the students of SKVM and plan their sessions to tackle these on Saturdays. We are hopeful that this will be an excellent programme enabling senior College students to help Junior school students to achieve success.


Education is not limited to the classroom. The senior boys from SKM went on a picnic to Jayamangali Black Buck reserve near Tumkur with Alumni volunteers Sathya and Bharatesh. This trip was aimed at giving them  hands-on-experience of staying away from home or hostel and learning to behave in a responsible manner while enjoying the trip in the right spirit. They had a lovely trip amidst nature and were lucky to spot many deer at the reserve. 

The 3H Catalyst programme of upskilling low-income college students is now active in Chennai too. The team has signed an MoU with S.I.V.E.T college of Arts and Sciences in Chennai to impart skill based training to their students. The first workshop towards the same was conducted  on 17th August. This was for the 3rd year science students who will be sitting for placements in the coming weeks. 

140 students attended the 4 and a half hours workshop on the Basics of  Communication, Social media for Job Seekers, Resume Writing and How to Face interviews. The session started with the Principal and the Training Cell members welcoming the 3H Catalyst team. 

While the college provides quality technical education to the students, they need help with confidence building. This is where SKCT’s 3H team will continue to engage with this low income College and make a difference.

Ganesh Chathurthi was the perfect way to end the month. With so many wonderful developments and activities taking place this month, we all prayed to Vighna Vinashaka to destroy all negativity and bless the endeavours of our students, volunteers, members and their families. 


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