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Sundarakandam- Chapter 1

CHAPTER 001 : Anjaneya jumping through the air to cross the ocean

In order to reach Lanka on the other side of the ocean, where Ravana had kept Sita in captivity, the mighty Anjaneya climbed onto the top of the gandhaparvata mountain. He did pranams to Rama and all other elders in his group to make his mission successful. To gather the thrust for jumping he pressed his feet on the mountain which made rocks crumble into small stones and started rolling down, on the way felling many trees and making a huge sound. The birds flew off in fear. The devas and gandharvas appeared in the sky with their families to witness Anjaneya jumping. They showered their blessings on Him.

With both his hands fully stretched out forward and moving through the air as though swimming, his shadow in the water resembled Garuda, the vahanam of Lord Maha Vishnu, in flight. As he moved forward in the air, all the other vanaras on the ground prayed for his success. Anjaneya had told them all before he took off, that if he failed in his mission, he would kill himself instead of returning back.

Samudhraraja, asked Mynaaka mountain which had been underneath the water in the ocean, to come out of water to host Anjaneya to take rest and offer him fruits so that he could continue his journey thoroughly refreshed. Accordingly Mynaaka mountain came up and pesented its offeings to Anjaneya who politely thanked the mountain and refused to halt stating the importance of his mission. 

Next, Indhra wanted to check Anjaneya’s strength. He sent his damsel, Surasa to obstruct Anjaneyar on his path. She appeared in the form of a massive and fearful Rakshasi. She told Anjaneya that she was extremely hungry and she wanted to eat him to reduce her hunger. Anjaneya told her about his mission and assured her that after completing his mission, he will return to be eaten by her. She did not budge. Hence he reduced his size to a very small monkey ,entered her mouth, and inside her body he expanded himself to his giant original size. Surasa’s body tore off and he came out. She got back her original form. She prayed for his successful mission and went off. Indhra was very happy with the way Anjaneya had handled the situation. Anjaneya continued his journey with all the zeal and enthusiasm. Every impediment strengthened his enthusiasm. Next a Rakshasi , Simhika stopped him in his way. She was capable of holding anybody’s movement by catching their shadow. She was holding Anjaneya’s shadow. Anjaneya was hesitant initially to fight a female. But he had no other way except to fight with her to free himself. The fight ended in her death. She returned to her original form and went off.

Finally, he could see the Lankan coastal line and also the Thrikoota mountain. Anjaneyar took to the form of a little monkey so that he could enter Lanka without anyone noticing. He landed on the Thrikoota mountain. Lanka was fully visible.  Anjaneya saw that Lanka at night was similar to a dazzling Devalokam. 


In life and in any specific mission or activity, obstruction and impediments may come in the way. Give importance to your objective and face and overcome the obstruction. Never bypass them. This will be achieved with the blessing of Anjaneya.

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