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A Camp to Remember- Summer Camp 2022

The month of April was fun-filled as it had the most awaited Summer camp. During Covid, academics was taken care of virtually, but all the co-curricular activities and sports came to stand still. Summer camp ensured that all the activities that the kids missed out on in those two years were covered.

More than 80 students participated in the camp that was spread across 9 days from March 30 to April 8, 2022. Organised by Dr. Poornima, over 20 volunteers came forward to conduct a camp like never before. Workshops were conducted across several disciplines, from science to arts and sports. Under creative art, the students had several experts who came over to train them in clay modeling, pot painting, t-shirt painting, oil pastel art, glass painting, mandala art, tailoring, embroidery, applique work, jewellery-making and dance. The students were divided into 4 groups to ensure that each class had a comfortable strength that allowed for personal attention. The students had a blast as they let out the artist in them. Every volunteer was amazed at how well mannered and quiet each class was. They were so rapt in their tasks that there was no scope for mischief. A special workshop on short film making was held for the students of class 9. They were enlightened on the steps and processes involved in film making. The students were then asked to come up with a story for the film. The students themselves chose different roles to write, direct, act and shoot the film. This was a unique experience for the students.

The dance workshop was conducted by Smt. Reshmi Pathiyath. an artistic director and choreographer from UAE. She taught the students the basic of classical dance and also choreographed 4 dances for them to learn. 

But the camp was not only about the Arts. Science can be as much fun, especially if you have fun- activities such as basics of computers, robotics, solar-boat making and origami table lamps. The students learnt to build boats that ran on solar power. In a very simple session, they understood the various ways in which electricity is generated and had a live model for solar energy that they all rushed to test in the village pond. And when the boats began to run, their excitement caught on like fire. So was the case when the students learnt about basic circuits and constructed a remote operated car and an origami table lamp. The students were also excited to get their hands on a computer as they experimented with different fonts, colours and word-art while understanding the basics of computers. 

With the brain completely activated and charged, it was then time to charge up the body. Physical exercises, games and competitions ensured that the students had enough opportunity to work as a team and develop a healthy competitive spirit.  It was fun to watch the children play their hearts out with vigour and cheer. While they played to win, they learnt to take a loss in the right spirit. In light of taking care of the self, the girls from class 6-10 had a special session on female hygiene. The students were grateful for the knowledge that was shared with them.

And finally, the camp ensured there was food for the soul. Stories from Ramayana were lapped up with as much enthusiasm as any other activities. Who doesn’t love this fabulous story, but the way it was narrated by Sri Sai Sangeet, had the young and old in raptures. At the end of each session, the participants were left wanting more. And this was true of the camp as it came to close on April 8, 2022. rapt

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